Tested and Trusted yet Trendy and Timely: Your Next Meeting at Airlie

Airlie has been hosting meetings for almost 55 years, with 50 of those years being exclusively dedicated to that aspect of hospitality – mostly catering to the government sector. In 2012, we decided to open to the public, and begin hosting a wider variety of meetings and events (including weddings and leisure stays). If you are just learning about Airlie and wondering about how we could be a good match for your next meeting or event, read on to see what our past clients say truly sets us apart from the rest.

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Why Airlie is a Great Place to Work

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Meeting and Conference Trends to Watch

The workplace. A daily blitzkrieg of strategies, meetings, deadlines, and people. The daily grind can wear on a team, and have a direct effect on productivity and a healthy bottom line. Off-site meetings and retreats allow time to reflect and reset the team, while strategizing and energizing them for the future. Here are three areas to focus on when planning your 2017 off-site meeting.

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2017 Virginia Wedding Trends

Recently engaged or already knee-deep in planning your upcoming wedding? Here is a short list of wedding trends we've seen our couples embrace over the past year. The overall themes combine simplicity and class with a hint of rustic elegance.
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12 Days of Cocktails for the Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of year! The season of giving, laughter, cheer, reflection and celebration. If you're on the hosting side of the celebration, spice up the usual beer and wine selections with one of our seasonal cocktails. We've curated the list below from some of our favorite house recipes — sweet, savory, bubbly — and everything in between. Pick a few to serve at your seasonal gathering or follow us on social media as we give you the cocktail of the day to make at home. Visiting Airlie this holiday season? We're featuring a few on the list as well (see notes below). Wishing you the happiest of holidays, from our house to yours! 

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Airlie's 2016 Go-To Thanksgiving Recipes

Looking for something extra to add to your Thanksgiving celebration? We've got the perfect cocktail and side that are both easy to prep and beautiful to present.

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Staff Spotlight: Brian Donato, Chef de Cuisine

Born and raised on the small island of Basco in Batanes, Philippines, Chef Brian Donato's upbringing was centered around food, family, and togetherness. Located in the northernmost part of the country, Basco's has less than 20,000 residents. In a climate consistently battered by typhoon, the population is tough and hard-working by nature. Their livelihood is centered around farming and fishing, so Brian grew up eating fresh, organic food in a very close-knit community. Each Sunday, his family would gather at the beach for a weekly picnic, where everyone was taught to help prepare a dish to share. Brian describes this event as simple, yet remarkable on each occasion - gathering together to enjoy food and nature in a beautiful setting. He was fortunate to experience and learn the trade from scratch, including fishing, cooking, preserving, raising animals, butchering, planting and harvesting. The combination of spending intimate time learning each step to ultimately sharing dishes with family during Sunday picnics, holidays, and celebrations brought Brian a great sense of happiness and inspired him to pursue cooking as a career. He attended both the Palm Nouveau School of Hospitality Management and International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) in Manila Philippines and has a diploma in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management.

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Staff Spotlight: Tyler Canon, Garden Bistro Restaurant Chef

If there’s one thing that comes across in Tyler Canon's culinary repertoire, it’s a deep unwavering love for southern comfort food instilled in him from a very early age. Both sides of his family are rooted in the south – Memphis, TN & Florence, Alabama. Tyler’s grandfather was raised on a farm in Mississippi, and taught him that food was about community and bringing people together. So it’s no surprise that his holidays were spent with the whole family in the kitchen, lead by his grandmother, enjoying traditional southern comfort food like country ham, fried chicken, and smoked brisket. Tyler grew up with a love of these flavors and a deeper appreciation of food and family ties. Back home in Brevard, North Carolina, Tyler’s parents instilled an appreciation for healthy food and moderation. His father, a family practice and emergency room doctor, taught him about balanced nutrition. According to Tyler, this upbringing made those holiday trips to Memphis all the more special.

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Staff Spotlight: Hector Cruz, Executive Chef

If you have recently visited Airlie for business or pleasure, you have tasted the culinary influences of Chef Hector Cruz. As Airlie’s new Executive Chef, Hector brings years of experience as a Garde Manger, master of cold food creation and colorful display to the table - quite literally - and his exceptional talent with a carving knife adds a flare to buffet bravura.

Inspired by his Puerto Rican heritage and south Florida upbringing, Hector's personality shines through his menus with bold yet approachable flavor profiles and creative use of locally grown products.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Hector became interested in cooking by helping his Mother in the kitchen. Not only was she the family cook, routinely hosting the extended family for meals, but she also ran a catering business, which also offered pastry services. When Hector was 11 years old, he began assisting his Mother during holiday meal preparations and first began to understand his passion for the kitchen.

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Intern Takeover Week 5: That's a Wrap

Hi everyone, I have some bad news; this is my last blog post for my intern takeover! I really cannot believe my time here at Airlie is already up! Time really does fly when you are having fun! I remember my first week of work in May being so nervous and feeling unprepared. Now it is almost August, and I feel confident in my career path and have more knowledge than before thanks to everyone here at Airlie. My coworkers were nothing short of caring, kind, helpful and hardworking. SHOUTOUT TO STEVE AND MJ THE MARKETING MASTER MINDS!! We were the three musketeers this summer and I cannot thank you both enough for being so patient with me and allowing me to be a member of your team! I have practiced my graphic design skills, learned how to problem solve and tackle a challenge, gained knowledge of the hospitality business, gave being a sales woman a try, practiced my photography skills and became an expert social media poster!!

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