Airlie’s Exceptional Staff

staffEveryone agrees part of what makes Airlie such a special place is our extraordinary staff who consistently go above and beyond to provide our guests superb service.  Recently we recognized four individuals who exemplify Airlie’s commitment to provide the ultimate hospitality experience.

Michael Loope has a long history of hospitality.  He literally grew up in an Inn, and learned the ins and outs of the entire hospitality business by working in every position. From handyman, to dishwasher, to housekeeper and many other roles- Michael did it all.

Mike touches our entire team on a regular basis. He is the personality and ‘bright light’ of our café.  Not only does he care about his job, he truly cares about how others perform their jobs and often can be heard providing encouragement and advice to others. He has been our dedicated and loyal employee for almost 9 months and we look forward to having Michael as an integral piece of our team in the future.

Rick Putnam, Airlie’s Chief Engineer, was born and raised at Airlie so his love and dedication to this property started at a very young age. You can always count on Rick to be at your side when you need him.  He is one of the silent leaders of the property who makes sure that our infrastructure is working 24 hours a day.

He always willing, without question, to stay very late into the night and sometimes even overnight, to clear snow and ice on our roads and walkways. Rick exemplifies our core values by living them himself and showing examples to his crew every day.    For Rick Putnam, guests and staff ways come first.

Steve Ridgeway, Housekeeping Manager, has a clear understanding of customer service and goes above and beyond to deliver.  He thinks and serves outside of the lines and never says “NO, we don’t do that” or” Sorry, we are not open,” but instead says, “Tell me more about what you would like and I will see what we can do.”  He takes the initiative to make every guest experience the best possible.

Steve moves from department to department with finesse to get things accomplished.  When projects need to be done, he is always the first to offer a hand.  He is well respected by the team and is a natural leader.  Steve takes great pride in himself and Airlie.

Alan Vranian, Director of Technology and Presentation Media, is a man with many talents and innovations.  He is, without question, a driving force in taking Airlie from what it has been to where it is going.  Alan has held a vision of Airlie, which he is now able to broadcast to the world.

Alan has upgraded our telephone systems and computer interfaces.  He has brought to us fiber optic communications and data security. Currently, Alan is spearheading Airlie’s introduction to the world market by setting Airlie up on the Global Distribution System so that no matter where you are you can make a reservation to stay at Airlie.

These are just four stories, but we could feature 100, because each of our employees are dedicated to making the guest experience the best it can be.  Come to Airlie and we know you’ll experience their commitment first hand.

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