Got Silkies?

Airlie has a love for everything fresh and local, so it should come as no surprise that we have some pretty cool chickens living in our Local Food Project Garden.

Kae Yowell, Airlie’s Head Gardener, was fortunate enough to get her hands on a couple of unique and interesting Silkie Bantam chickens to assist in our egg supply.



Named for its fluffy plumage, which has been said to feel like silk, Silkies have very distinctive and unique defining characteristics. They’re friendly, calm and known to be “chatty” and sweet natured. They are also described as a “flock of kittens,” making them an excellent choice for our backyard chicken education here at the LFP.

Stop by next time you dine at Airlie and meet them!


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Nicole Fitch

Written by Nicole Fitch


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