LFP has babies!

Airlie’s Local Food Project has babies!

Baby chickens, that is.

Back in October, our head gardener Kae Yowell was kind enough to show us her newest addition to the LFP roost – seven silkie chickens.



The silkies were brought on board to assist with our LFP mission of keeping our food fresh and local, with the intentions of keeping them safe and utilizing their eggs.

A few months later, it was discovered that three of the adopted chickens were roosters. It was very important to ensure their safety, so Kae worked very hard to find a safe home for all three roosters, but not before we learned one of the hens was going to be mama!

We now have a few of these little guys resting and growing with their mother.


They will be safely cared for until they’re old enough to begin roaming on their own. Until then, here are a few facts about raising baby chicks.

Did you know:

  • It takes 21 days for a chicken to hatch from its egg
  • Baby chicks peck out of their egg with an “egg tooth”
  • Depending on the breed, chickens can live 5-7 years
  • A chicken lays its first egg at around 6-7 months old
  • A chicken’s heart beats 280-315 beats per minute

Stay tuned to keep up with their growth!

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