Earth Week 2016: Foreword

Earth Day 2016 at Airlie


Did you know that Earth Day originated at Airlie? In 1969, Senator Gaylord Nelson first introduced his idea for Earth Day to a group of medical and law students participating in a conference here. The result was the first nationwide demonstration in support of the environment. Today, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide and continues to promote and raise environmental consciousness around the globe.

At Airlie, we celebrate with five consecutive days of events, culminating with the grand finale on Earth Day itself, Friday, April 22. Led by the Airlie Green Team, our staff and volunteers participate in a variety of recreational and service activities to celebrate and promote environmental awareness.

Weeklong events include two recycled art contests and donation collections for Large Hearts Charities, Fauquier SPCA, Fauquier Family Shelter and Fauquier Family Food Bank.

Schedule of Events:

Monday, April 18th

  • Earth Day Flag Raising
  • Volunteering in the Garden
  • Route 605 Clean-Up

Tuesday, April 19th

  • Volunteering in the Garden
  • Green Olympics
    • Yard Darts
    • Recycled Boat Regatta

Wednesday, April 20th

  • 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Check us out on Good Day Washington! (ABC 7 / News Channel 8)
  • Green Olympics
    • Airlie Scavenger Hunt
  • P.B. Smith Garden Experience

Thursday, April 21st

  • Green Olympics
    • Yard Darts
    • Recycled Boat Regatta

Friday, April 22nd

Follow along with the blog all week for daily updates and photos of Earth Week at Airlie!

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