Intern Takeover Week 2: Meetings and Photo Shoots, Oh My!

Warrenton hotel activities: biking


This week has already gone by way too quickly here at Airlie. Even after the craziness of the holiday weekend, Airlie seemed to still be buzzing with excitement. The first half of my morning  on Tuesday was spent at the weekly Sales and Marketing meeting. With so much going on at Airlie between the conferences, weddings and leisure guests, it is crucial to meet once a week to discuss and iron out the wrinkles to ensure every guest has a great experience. At the weekly meetings, I have learned how important working together as a team really is.

Northern Virginia meetings team at AirlieCommunication, understanding and being opened minded to others are essentials to having a well oiled and functioning Sales and Marketing team. Every meeting I attend I learn something new, whether that be how to conduct myself in a meeting or how to solve the problem at hand effectively. In the meetings we often discuss sales strategies, how to build a stronger customer base and maintain current client satisfaction. The energetic team allowed me to snap a quick selfie with them before we headed back to work .

Thursday at Airlie was nothing short of exhausting—in the best way. My day started at eight o’clock sharp for a photo shoot. The Warrenton hotel recently purchased new bikes and we teamed up with the owner of Priority Bicycles to take some photos. A few of my coworkers, along with myself, jumped on the luxury bikes and rolled around Airlie’s beautiful landscape for about two hours (not a bad way to start the work day).  Seeing behind the scenes of a shoot was eye opening; I never understood how much detail and work Bicycling at Airlie, a Northern Virginia hotelgoes into making everything look perfect. A wardrobe malfunction almost set us back, but working as a team made it an easy fix. Patience and flexibility are also important in making the photo shoot a successful one. Airlie truly cares about the little details, and this photo shoot is the perfect example. Not only are the bikes top of the line, but they put the time and effort into displaying and promoting the Priority bikes to the best of their ability.

So far so good here at Airlie-- I think I am getting the hang of this interning thing. Cannot wait to see what next week has to offer. :)

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