Intern Takeover Week 3: Flora, Fauna & Food

Airlie organic garden

Wow is all I have to say about this week at Airlie. I swear the more time I spend here, the more I learn and discover.  This week I finally had some time to explore the property a bit more in depth, and trust me, there is A LOT to see. Airlie’s property is unlike any in its industry, with formal gardens, an organic growing garden, lakes, beautiful rolling hills, and oh yeah, the wildlife. I came face to face with the largest snapping turtle I have ever seen. The big turtle pictured was snapping-turtle-airliemaking its way from a small pond to lake Stanley, which is located right next to Airlie House.  He did not seem very happy to see me, so I quickly took a photo and let him be. I continued my exploring to find flowers blooming, fish swimming in all the bodies of water around the property, geese and the famous swans.  Airlie is host to the largest captive free-swimming swan collection on the East Coast, and gosh are they cool!!



airlie-garden-summerI stopped by the organic garden this week as well. Airlie’s garden is a REAL garden, and by that I mean it is huge and there are fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers as far as you can see. The gardener, Katey, is awesome and extremly dedicated to keeping the garden in tip-top shape all the time.

Along my travels around Airlie, I made sure to take plenty of photos that I would then use to post on social media to promote the property.  I am learning how to edit photos, post on social media to help market Airlie and then how to read the outcomes and reports of those postings. Being behind the scenes in the marketing process is really interesting and educational. I am learning more here about marketing than ever before!
The rest of my week constisted with helping around the office, working on projects,  sitting in on meetings and of course running errands (what intern doesn’t do a little of that?!) The best part of my week? Definitely the food!! Check out this burger I had for lunch, it almost looks too pretty to eat :)




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