Intern Takeover Week 4: Dial and Design

Airlie Marketing Meeting

You know what they say, “you learn something new everyday.” That could not be truer with my experience thus far at Airlie. Everyday I come into the office not only am I surrounded by a beautiful property and great co-workers, but I gather information that is going to last me a lifetime.

Emily designing graphics for AirlieThis week I worked on a lot of different projects at my desk (yes, unfortunately I did not adventure around Airlie that much.) As a marketing intern I am able to put my creative side to work. I am asked to design and create ads, menus and other pieces used around the property. One of my more fun projects was a fishing pass that guests could use while fishing at one of Airlie’s bodies of water. The pass is two sided and is worn on a lanyard. Although it is simple, I had a lot of fun learning how to use InDesign and Photoshop to bring my ideas to life. I am able to sketch out my ideas on paper and then transfer them to the computer. These tools with InDesign and Photoshop are going to carry with me throughout my time at Virginia Tech and in the workforce!

I have also designed menus for wine dinners and cooking classes held here; those projects really expanded my knowledge and allowed me to practice my graphic design skills.

This week I was also handed a rather large project: The August Holiday Sales Blitz. For those who do not know, a blitz  is when a sales team hits the streets  in a short amount of time and visits different companies to sell their brand. My job not only included looking up and logging in contact information for over 200 companies, but then calling on those companies Northern Virginia conference center holiday partyto set up appointments. I also designed a “giveaway” card we are going to hand out to the companies we visit during our travels. For this project I was allowed to dive in and kind of do whatever I want with designing the cards (how awesome is that?!) It’s the best feeling to know not only am I helping here at Airlie, but I am also learning so much.

On Wednesday we also had a long and important marketing meeting (these long meetings happen about four times a year!) Of course the intern ran out during lunch and brought everyone back sandwiches (very cliché, I know!!) But spending most of my Wednesday in a room with such creative, fun and smart minds was awesome. Everyone was able to share their ideas and figure out together how we can sell and market Airlie to the best of our abilities. We talked about what worked for us, what didn’t work and what events we have coming up! As a team we also started to plan for Breakfast with Santa in December (how did this year go by so quickly?!).

Although I had to do some hard work, I had a blast doing it all this week.  Before coming to Airlie, I really wanted to grow my graphic design knowledge, and I really have since being here! I also have expanded my sales resume… Making all of those sales calls was scary, but I am glad I was able to learn how it is done correctly. I can honestly say this internship is teaching me skills that I would not have been able to gather otherwise.

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