Intern Takeover Week 5: That's a Wrap

Airlie Sales and Marketing Summer Intern Emily Smith

Hi everyone, I have some bad news; this is my last blog post for my intern takeover! I really cannot believe my time here at Airlie is already up! Time really does fly when you are having fun! I remember my first week of work in May being so nervous and feeling unprepared. Now it is almost August, and I feel confident in my career path and have more knowledge than before thanks to everyone here at Airlie. My coworkers were nothing short of caring, kind, helpful and hardworking. SHOUTOUT TO STEVE AND MJ THE MARKETING MASTER MINDS!! We were the three musketeers this summer and I cannot thank you both enough for being so patient with me and allowing me to be a member of your team! I have practiced my graphic design skills, learned how to problem solve and tackle a challenge, gained knowledge of the hospitality business, gave being a sales woman a try, practiced my photography skills and became an expert social media poster!!

Airlie Summer Interns 2016 I also really enjoyed my time with the other intern here at Airlie, Aakash Sundar! Although he isn’t a hokie like me (he goes to Ole Miss) he did an awesome job helping out with Airlie’s financials and food costs as the finance intern. I loved hearing about all the stuff Aakash was working on every week because it was always so different from what I was doing and it was cool that we could learn from each other’s experiences. To be honest, half the time he was talking about something related to math and numbers I got lost!! Thanks for an awesome summer Aakash and good luck at Ole Miss. ☺

This past week I have finished up last minute projects and helped getting everything ready for the sales blitz that starts Monday! I am so excited to hit the road next week with the sales team and get some real field experience! With my time winding down I wanted to make sure I got to experience everything Airlie had to offer, so I ran the new fit trail that was just built around the property. Choosing to run the trail on a hot 90-degree day was probably not one of my better decisions… BUT the fit trail was SO cool!!! The scenery is beautiful and the stops along the way were great exercise!

Emily Fit Trail AirlieI could not have asked for a better internship at Airlie! Thanks for following my adventures throughout the summer. Until next time!

~ Emily Smith, Sales + Marketing Intern, Summer 2016

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