Our Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions


Thanksgiving. A celebration of togetherness. A time to reflect, relax, and maybe indulge a little - or a lot - who are we kidding? Two words always seem to come to mind when talk of turkey day arises; tradition and thankful. At Airlie, we are thankful for tradition. And the staff at Airlie have some great Thanksgiving traditions to share. Read on! 

"I love Thanksgiving so much that I have 2 Thanksgivings. One in September with my friends; meredith-r.jpgFriendsgiving.  My friends and I all make our favorite dishes from our own family Thanksgivings and share with the group of 20 or so. 

Then I spend Thanksgiving with my family in Richmond where my side of the family ALL come together.  It includes my divorced parents (both sides are remarried), my 2 siblings, all of our children (9) and any other stragglers- outlaws, spouses, girl/boyfriends- for a day of eating fried turkey, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, green beans done two ways (yes one of them has a ham hock- we are from Virginia) along with stuffing and end the meal with some pumpkin pie and of course lots of wine.  I love it all! All the food, all the wine, all the craziness, but mostly all of my family."  ~ Meredith Rizzo, National Sales Manager




"For the last 7 years or so our family has celebrated Thanksgiving in the Outer Banks. We rent a big house in the Currituck Club on the golf course. It’s a nice change of pace and we always have other families join us." ~ Paige Leazer, Director of Human Resources





"Every year my son and I smoke a turkey for us along with our favorite sides. In addition to this, we also smoke turkeys and make meals for 5 families for a church drive." 
~Larry Clatterbuck, Lead Technician






"Making homemade rolls and playing cards with my family." 
~ Christy Peters, Sales and Systems Coordinator





"My favorite family tradition for Thanksgiving is to make our homemade pies - crust and all of course - in the morning, after the turkey is in the oven. My daughters always enjoyed this and now this is a tradition that we enjoy with my daughters and my grandchildren. No store-bought crust in our house!" ~ Patricia Truschel, Accounting





"Every year I bring Sauerkraut to whatever Thanksgiving meal that I am invited to, as well as having it at my family's table.  I enjoy adding it to the meal due to the difference in flavor, texture and
temperature.  Also, my father always serverd it at holiday meals. 
This year I will be making my own!" ~ Ben Argo, Director of Restaurants





"We always watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation after dinner!" ~ Brooks Kelchlin, Catering Sales Manager




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Paige Leazer

Written by Paige Leazer

Paige Leazer has nearly 20 years of Human Resources experience, with the most recent 11 at Airlie. Her knowledge of HR policy, practices, and procedures combined with her professional demeanor make her a well-respected member of the Executive Team. Paige's focus on employee advocacy and rapport-building have been essential to both the retention and growth of the Airlie team. Fellow team members praise her approach to organizational excellence, keen listening skills, and positive attitude. Outside of her daily duties at Airlie, Paige enjoys watching her two sons play sports and exercising.


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