Diana Crowley

As Meeting and Special Events Manager, Diana Crowley is responsible for planning and coordinating all on-site activities for group conferences at Airlie. A graduate of WVU, Diana has over 13 years of hospitality and event planning experience. Her meticulous attention to detail and intimate knowledge of the planning process makes her an invaluable asset to the Airlie team. Since her arrival at Airlie in 2011, Diana's role has expanded to include management of the guest satisfaction program and leadership of our environmental initiatives committee. When she's not planning meetings, Diana enjoys relaxing and traveling with her husband Colin, and their pup Berkeley.

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2018 Meeting Trend Report


2018 is well underway and we are in the midst of assisting planners with their upcoming off-site meetings at Airlie. This process always invites reflection and thought regarding how the impetus has changed in both the short and long term. What are the long-term reasons for hosting an off-site? What program elements are planners focusing on? How has the global climate affected the planning focus or concerns of the organization? Read on to learn more about the trends and themes we're seeing through the eyes of our planners. 

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Meeting and Conference Trends to Watch

The workplace. A daily blitzkrieg of strategies, meetings, deadlines, and people. The daily grind can wear on a team, and have a direct effect on productivity and a healthy bottom line. Off-site meetings and retreats allow time to reflect and reset the team, while strategizing and energizing them for the future. Here are three areas to focus on when planning your 2017 off-site meeting.

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