It’s true what they say: Food brings people together


Whether office morale is in need of a boost or it’s just time to plan the annual company meeting, many organizations have started to add teambuilding to their agenda. While there are many options to choose from, Airlie’s Culinary Teambuilding programs are a favorite among many.

We all know why TV cooking shows have gained in popularity over the last decade – you’re watching real people in high-pressure situations compete against a variety of factors…and there’s food involved. The same applies in our challenge-based culinary teambuilding activities. Personalities quickly emerge and trust is forged when colleagues are forced to interact with one another in a high stakes capacity. Deciding what to cook, who does what, and how to execute, all before a burner is turned on or a vegetable is cut, can be quite the daunting exercise. Plus, the food has to taste good because your colleagues on the opposing team will be sampling it. (No pressure!)

Over time we have found that these teambuilding activities are by and large the most popular. Planners love the high level of engagement their groups enjoy during the event and discover that it translates well long after the meeting is over. Participants enjoy getting to know their colleagues in a different way, and form strong relationships in the process.

It’s true what they say: Food brings people together. The understanding between colleagues formed during these activities helps them work even better together on future projects, which is vital to overall company success. Plus, we can custom tailor the event to fit the organization’s size and needs.


Additionally, new skills are learned. Uncomplicated Culinary Essentials teaches knife handling and kitchen prep. Organic Garden Cooking Challenge provides an education about sustainable growing and harvesting practices.

Finally, Airlie will soon be unveiling new options for our Culinary Teambuilding programs to include Cupcake Wars, Cake Decorating, BBQ Grilling, and Restaurant Challenge. Inquire today to learn more about these activities and how you can reap the benefits of integrating teambuilding into your next meeting.


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