At Airlie, we are in the people business. Our main charge each day is to serve all with gracious welcoming and a kind spirit. We know it as hospitality, defined as “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.”

For over 50 years we have hosted guests from around the globe, providing a gathering place for ideas to be shared in a peaceful environment. Described as an “island of thought” in 1961 by Life Magazine, the tone of our conference center from its inception has signified unity and equality for forward-thinking individuals. In 2017 our core values remain the same – to serve each guest with respect and dignity – make them feel welcome, and be hospitable, in every sense of the word. 

Last year we designed and constructed a LOVE statue in coordination with the Virginia Tourism Corporation. These LOVEworks can be found throughout the state, and serve as a beacon of our state’s motto: Virginia is for Lovers, one of the most iconic and long-running state branding initiatives in the country. Ours was an Airlie Team effort, constructed of 95% recycled materials (we also have a long history of sustainability) and built by our own Engineering staff. Couples can purchase love locks to "lock in their love" on the E of the sculpture, and "throw away the key" by depositing it into our special key box. Many Airlie couples have actually made this a part of their wedding day by attaching their love lock after the ceremony.  Overall, the LOVEwork has been another way we have welcomed the public to Airlie while supporting tourism in Virginia and spreading a positive message to our community. 

We would “love” to have you join us, both digitally by viewing our LOVEwork album on facebook, learning more about it on our website, and of course, visiting us in person.



Top right: Documentary Associates

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MJ Arquette

Written by MJ Arquette

As a Digital Marketing Specialist for Airlie, MJ provides content for its website, blog and social channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In addition, she assists with overall marketing strategy, photo shoots, and graphic design. Her passion for marketing and the hospitality industry make her a valued member of Airlie's collaborative marketing team. Outside of work, MJ enjoys family time with her husband and three kids, traveling, and is usually in the midst of a household project (or five).


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