Four ways a wedding planner will save your big day

Recently engaged and ready to start planning your big day? Decision #1 should be hiring a wedding planner. This industry professional literally lives and breathes weddings all year round, and can offer expert insight into planning the biggest party of your lifetime. At Airlie, we can tell you – weddings go smoother with a planner 100% of the time. Here are a few reasons why we think hiring a wedding planner will ensure a successful planning experience, and ultimately a relaxing and enjoyable wedding day.

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3 Ways to ensure food is not an issue at your wedding

Planning for a wedding can be stressful, and no matter how well you try, things can be forgotten. One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from wedding guests and wedding parties is that they didn’t get to eat. Timing can sometimes keep people from getting the opportunity to eat, and that can be tragic. Here are three ways to make sure food is not an issue at your wedding.

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