The significance of herbs in Airlie’s organic garden continues to grow


At Airlie we have been cultivating produce, flowers, and herbs in our on-site organic garden for 20 years. Founded in 1998 as our most delicious commitment to the environment, the garden has been providing the best possible ingredients for our kitchens long before the phrase “farm-to-table” became restaurateur canon.

Season after season, the garden has become about so much more than food. Our community garden plots are buzzing with area neighbors, we’ve welcomed new animals (and bees!), hosted events, and utilized every opportunity to educate our guests and visitors about the importance of sustainable agriculture.

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Three fruity cocktails to help hasten the arrival of spring

Mother Nature has been holding back on spring with a late-March snow and colder than average temperatures. For that reason, the timing doesn’t feel quite right to be introducing our Spring Signature Cocktails. On second thought, if we start serving them anyway, we might be able to convince Mother Nature to speed up the arrival of spring. And, if our theory is true, the more of these fruity, refreshing cocktails we serve at Harry’s, the better our chances of seeing warmer weather (hint, hint).

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Raising the Bar at Harry’s: Taylor Malinowski pours creativity into every cocktail she serves

Like an artist in her studio, Taylor Malinowski is in her element behind the bar, where she loves to create flavorful compositions. Taylor’s palette of ingredients includes much of what you’d expect — rum, vodka, grenadine, etc. — but also some less expected choices. 

“I’d love to get my hands on some fresh lavender, or hibiscus,” she said. “There’s so much I can do with those two ingredients.”

Fortunately, spring is just around the corner and she’ll soon have a wide variety of herbs and other ingedients from Airlie’s organic garden to choose from. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Read on to learn more about Taylor.

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History and mixology combine to bring you Harry’s winter signature drink, The Boulevardier

A Prohibition-era cocktail with a history fitting to our own namesake. Introducing our winter signature drink: The Boulevardier.

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Harry’s celebrates the holidays with the 12 Cocktails of Christmas

This holiday, we’re celebrating big! In addition to this being our favorite time of year, our new restaurant, Harry’s, is now open daily. In traditional “go big” Airlie fashion, we’ve created 12 festive cocktails to serve — in progression — at Harry’s throughout the month of December. You can either plan ahead for your visit according to the list below, or just stop by and ask your server or bartender about the holiday cocktail of the day.

If you can’t make it to Harry’s this month, not to worry. We’ve included all of the recipes below. Try them out, mix a few for friends and family, and be sure to share your insta-worthy pictures with us on facebook, twitter, and instagram @airlieva. From all of us at Airlie, we wish you a joyful holiday season. Cheers!

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