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Airlie has been hosting meetings for almost 55 years, with 50 of those years being exclusively dedicated to that aspect of hospitality – mostly catering to the government sector. In 2012, we decided to open to the public, and begin hosting a wider variety of meetings and events (including weddings and leisure stays). If you are just learning about Airlie and wondering about how we could be a good match for your next meeting or event, read on to see what our past clients say truly sets us apart from the rest.


Setting and Service

We ask a lot of groups why they chose us and they always comment on the location – Airlie is close enough to Dulles International Airport to be convenient enough to get here, but, it's far away enough from the city to feel like you've gotten away from it all. Meeting planners want to make sure their attendees are focused, and they are less inclined to break concentration by returning home at night or making quick trips out during downtime, as they would if the meeting location was closer to their offices.

Once groups arrive, they are bowled over by our grounds; “stunning” is a word we hear frequently when planners describe Airlie. They always say our peaceful and beautiful setting allowed them to be productive in a distraction-free environment. All of our meeting rooms have windows, and many feature sweeping landscape views. Attendees are never more than a two-minute walk away from the outdoors.

Organizations rebook again and again because “there's nothing quite like Airlie,” and our friendly service makes people feel like they're coming home. In addition, we make it easy for them by offering our Airlie Meeting Package, which includes most services and features convenient per-person pricing.



As mentioned above, hosting meetings has always been the core of Airlie’s service portfolio – and 55 years is a long time – so one may wonder how we refrain from getting stale or out-of-touch with current trends. In recent years, sustainability and wellness have come to the forefront as society foci.

Sustainability. The saying, “What’s old is new again,” could not be any more relevant than to Airlie in 2017. Our sustainable practices and green policies have been in effect since 1961. In fact, Earth Day was founded at Airlie in 1969 when Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed the idea during a conference he was attending here. We have stayed true to these values for decades, incorporating elements such as an organic vegetable garden, recycling and composting programs, habitat protection, water conservation, and more. Now, more than ever before, people are aware of the positive effects of practicing sustainability and how their actions translate globally. Organizations meet at Airlie because their values align with ours.

Wellness and Mindfulness. Airlie grounds are ideal for providing opportunities for groups to connect outside of the conference room. While we offer a variety of team building programs, Yoga is one of the most popular selections across a wide variety of organizations. Surprised to hear it? You’re not alone. What people don’t realize is that the sessions offered at Airlie teach stress yoga-circle-unyongkim.jpgmanagement skills which participants can use long after the conference is over. Lead by Yoga Instructor and Owner of Stress Burner Yoga, Unyong Kim, sessions can be as short as one 60-minute class or continue over the course of a multi-day meeting. A certified Yogi for 15+ years, Unyong remarks, “We actually laugh a lot during these sessions once people realize it’s not all about stretching your leg behind your head in front of the VP.” She continued, “participants learn to practice 'cognitive karate' in the face of stress triggers by effectively leveraging these feelings, rather than passively reacting to them. It’s the small but significant changes we can make each day to better manage stress in the workplace, and throughout our lives. I’ve even taught these sessions during wedding weekends and family reunions.” Stress Burner Yoga can be tailored to your group depending on your goals to include team building, leadership skills for stress management or simply relaxation and bonding during a big event, like a wedding.


Interested in hosting your next meeting or event at Airlie?  Visit our website to view photo galleries, research team building programs, and learn more about our meeting space, guest rooms, and 300-acre grounds. We look forward to welcoming your group soon!

Yoga photos courtesy of Unyong Kim and Stress Burner Yoga.

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