Resolutions for Virginia Tech senior preparing for her first job include optimism, courage, perseverance, and teamwork


Happy New Year Airlie readers! Being home for the holidays is something I always look forward to, especially when some of that time is spent at Airlie. With all the festive decorations and beautiful scenery, no place beats Airlie during the holidays.

As the holidays come to an end and the New Year begins, I am starting to think about my New Year’s resolutions. Being a senior at Virginia Tech this year, my goals and aspirations are a little different than before. Having just landed a job after graduation, my resolutions are now tailored to fit the next stage in my life: The Real World.

When most people think of New Year’s resolutions they think of personal goals like exercise and diet. But when 40+ hours are spent every week on the job, it only makes sense to consider some work-related resolutions. As the New Year begins, take some time to reflect on your own career. Are you happy with where you are? Is your work fulfilling? Are you building trust and respect amongst your colleagues? Do you have a healthy work/life balance? Can you improve your work environment?

My time spent at Airlie has shown me how important it is to pick a career I will be passionate about. Also, seeing the Airlie team operate an amazing property has exhibited to me the importance of working with a strong team and demonstrated to me this is a place where I would love to join my work team for meetings, training, or team building activities.

My resolutions for 2018 are:

  • Optimism: Stay positive as I start the new chapter of my life
  • Courage: Don’t let the fear of doing something different hold me back
  • Perseverance Put 100% into my new job, knowing the hard work WILL pay off
  • Teamwork: Build a strong, professional relationship with my co-workers

For me, these resolutions will be very different, but I cannot wait to see where 2018 takes me.

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Emily Smith

Written by Emily Smith

Emily Smith is a Marketing major at Virginia Tech. As a Pamplin School of Business ambassador, she has enjoyed working with professors and fellow students on the development of recruitment materials and programs to attract incoming freshman. She served as Sales and Marketing intern at Airlie in 2016 and still contributes to the blog when time allows. She is active in her school sorority and loves spin class. Go Hokies!


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