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At Airlie, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate guest experience. From the moment a guest begins interacting with us, throughout their stay, and beyond, we want to exceed their expectations of a typical hotel. Because, let’s face it, at Airlie – we aren’t your typical hotel.

We feel the same way about our employees. Without a well-cared-for and happy staff, how can we provide a top-notch experience for our guests?

By 2022, the hospitality industry will support 328 million jobs — roughly 10% of the U.S. workforce—  a 49% increase in hospitality career postings from 2013 (Source: HCareers). Which means it becomes more challenging to retain quality employees, attract the up-and-comers and recruit the best of the best.

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The human resources team is continuously working to surprise and delight our staff beyond the typical benefits that come to mind. Yes, we provide paid time off, holidays, internal discounts, and host an annual holiday party. But what truly sets us apart is an active effort to excel at providing a day-to-day environment and impromptu perks that all employees enjoy being a part of.


Employee Dining

Airlie provides complimentary lunch for our entire staff. Currently, Ledo’s Pizza delivers lunch daily, offering a wide selection of options throughout the week, including salads, subs, calzones, and pizza. The staff is occasionally rewarded with impromtu lunch options such as a local food truck, which is not only great for the staff, but also helps support the local business community.



Polished and appropriate uniforms are the industry standard for hotel staff. Airlie takes it one step further, working with Vineyard Vines to outfit the staff with sophisticated and comfortable clothing, customized to fit each department and role. And to top it off, Airlie pays the cleaning bill.


Airlie has always been focused on the environment, balance and wellness. We offer our full-time employees a discount at two different health clubs nearby, and encourage an overall healthy lifestyle.

And with miles of walking trails on our 300-acre property, there is ample opportunity for employees to walk the grounds during break periods. And enjoy the scenery as they exercise.


Team Bonding

At Airlie, our unofficial motto is “Why wait until the annual holiday party to celebrate our successes?” Human resources works alongside the executive team to provide team bonding opportunities throughout the year to recognize our staff for consistently giving 110% to our property and guests.

“The hospitality and service industry can be particularly taxing on an employee base, with long hours and busy periods that can stretch on for months at a time. It is important that our staff know they are appreciated all year round,” says Carol Petronio Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Some of Airlie’s team bonding events include:

  • Recycled art competitions, scavenger hunts and other Earth Week activities
  • Pumpkin carving contests during Halloween
  • Surprise doughnut days, pool parties and barbecues
  • Breakfast with Santa for all employees and their families

Of course, accomplishing workplace harmony is ever evolving, so we will continue to strive to be ahead of the curve and provide a great place for our team to work each and every day. Click here to view our current job openings.


HCareers reference link: https://www.hcareers.com/article/employer-articles/top-recruiting-trends-for-hotel-human-resources

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Paige Leazer

Written by Paige Leazer

Paige Leazer has nearly 20 years of Human Resources experience, with the most recent 11 at Airlie. Her knowledge of HR policy, practices, and procedures combined with her professional demeanor make her a well-respected member of the Executive Team. Paige's focus on employee advocacy and rapport-building have been essential to both the retention and growth of the Airlie team. Fellow team members praise her approach to organizational excellence, keen listening skills, and positive attitude. Outside of her daily duties at Airlie, Paige enjoys watching her two sons play sports and exercising.


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